Clayton Creative Drone Photography Takes Off!


We are really pleased to announce that all John’s hard work achieving his Drone licence is paying off as we are increasingly using drone footage and stills to complement our ground based film and photography.

Using drone photography proved particularly helpful during a recent photography commission at York Racecourse where we were required to get good, close up images of their security system. Some of the cameras / equipment were placed in difficult to reach, high up places, which would have been very tricky or even impossible to achieve from ground level and would have required the help of a cherry picker which would entail more issues in terms of time and logistics. Our 4K drone provided the perfect solution both in terms of quality and getting the right shot in a matter of minutes.

Similarly, when were required to photograph engineers working at height, the drone again provided the ideal solution and also allowed us to achieve a more interesting angle.

Says Creative Director John Clayton: “We are really pleased with our decision to offer Drone photography and film alongside our ground-based work. We are finding it a really versatile and useful addition to our offering – not just for capturing ‘sky high’ aerial panoramas, but also for taking what would otherwise be tricky shots to get without the involvement of major logistics, such as the use of lifting equipment and so on. Just as important to us, though, is the fantastic image quality we are achieving too which works seamlessly with images from our other cameras.”