Photography of new CP3 Machine for tray sealing manufacturers Proseal UK Ltd.

It was great to be back at Proseal to shoot their latest machine, the CP3, a high-speed fully automatic, energy efficient case packing system which is a new addition to their existing product portfolio and the perfect complement to Proseal’s extensive range of tray sealing machines.

We have been photographing Proseal machines for the last 20 years and along the way have amassed plenty of experience which enables us to achieve the very best results. As you can see from the images, there are a lot of shiny, reflective surfaces to deal with so a significant part of the photoshoot involves the construction of our own version of  an on-site infinity cove. These large scale machines also require a fairly extensive and complex lighting set up, (for this photoshoot we used 11 flash heads) which we are fully equipped with and this also means that we are not in the position of having to pass on expensive equipment hire costs to our clients.