PfCO Drone Licence for Clayton Creative

We are very excited to announce that John has now been awarded his CAA approved PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) Drone Licence. 

In order to fly a drone for commercial operation, stringent laws and risk assessments apply. A PfCO Licence is required and to achieve that, John completed a 4 day ground school course culminating in a rigorous examination which had to be passed prior to advancing to the next stage. The production and approval by the CAA of a 70 page Operations Manual makes up the second stage of the process. With stages 1 and 2 approved you are then allowed to move on to the third and final stage, the flight test. This involved the completion of a full risk assessment of the flight area in advance of the test and providing the relevant paperwork. Once this was approved, John had to carry out various manoeuvres in different orientations over a 90 minute flight test. Only once all stages are completed, along with proof of approved insurance, can you then apply for and obtain your licence from the CAA.

Says John Clayton ‘Working towards my PfCO Licence has been extremely challenging, but also incredibly interesting and great fun. I have obviously come from a background in film and photography, but there was a diverse mix of people on my course, from a whole range of industry sectors, particularly in construction and engineering. It immediately became very clear to me that drone photography and film has almost limitless applications, both practical and aesthetic, and I can’t wait to get started!’