Film plays an important role in the Clayton Creative business, and for lots of good reasons.

Using film to both redefine and increase brand awareness has become a business essential across almost all market sectors. Creatively led video content is the perfect way to convey your message and engage with your customers instantly and effectively across multi-channel digital platforms. Whether it’s for a corporate, training or instructional video, or as a more immediate part of your social media activity, such as promoting an event, or showcasing a new project or location, the power of film is a highly effective marketing tool, not to be overlooked.

Filming, including 4K drone footage and all post production work is done in-house by Clayton Creative using the very latest 4K camera equipment and editing software, which enables us to produce extremely high quality, effective and compelling video content for a variety of applications at affordable prices.


• Corporate films for ANY industry sector

• Training or Instructional videos

• Filming of events / interviews

• Storyboarding / Post Editing

• 3D animated sequences

• 4K Cameras and lighting equipment

• Phantom 4 Pro+ Drone


Below are just some of our films… if you like what you see hit the button below!


Corporate video for leading UK Electronics Manufacturer Tioga Limited

The aim of this film was to give a comprehensive insight into the beating heart of Tioga – as much about their company ethos and their people as well as showcasing their impressive manufacturing facility and capability.

The film was shot over 8 days in order to generate all the required footage which also included drone and time-lapse. The film also incorporates advanced 3D animation and the use of dynamic motion graphics.

The film was produced in close collaboration with Tioga with regard to the storyboarding and scripting with a lot of consideration into the planning and logistics prior to the filming.

SurePulse VS... innovative technology for monitoring heart rate in newborn babies

One of a series of five films produced for Surepulse Medical Ltd which has developed an innovative technology for monitoring heart rate in newborn babies.

The SurePulse VS device has the potential to become the new standard of care globally for newborn babies requiring resuscitation. It allows the delivery team to see, wirelessly, an accurate and reliable heart rate in real time. This is in contrast to current alternatives where heart rate monitoring in the all-important first few minutes of a baby’s life is intermittent, and the stethoscope, electrocardiogram and wrist-mounted pulse oximeter all have limitations.

Four of the five films will be used as part of a training programme, specifically to train clinical staff, primarily doctors and nurses, how to use this ground breaking technology. The film shown here is a general product overview.

In terms of producing the films, we collaborated very closely with the Surepulse team with regard to the storyboarding and script, putting a lot of thought and consideration into the planning and logistics prior to the filming. As a result, the filming itself, which took place over two days, was a thoroughly enjoyable, stress free experience and definitely highlights the importance and value of pre-planning when it comes to video production.

Presidian... Fully Mobile Intelligent Surveillance System

After several weeks of planning and preparation we went up to North Yorkshire to Catterick Garrison’s Marne Barracks where we were accompanied by representatives of the British Army, in order to film the Presidian, one of DJ Byers’ flagship products which was to be launched at Milipol.


Presidian is a fully mobile intelligent surveillance system which can be rapidly deployed and, among many other features, comes with radar and thermal imaging camera. The vehicle/system can be used for anti terrorism activity, convoy support, asset protection border security, coastal monitoring and mobile perimeter surveillance.
The film, showcases the Presidian’s features and rapid deployment capability. As well, as using 4K Video camera, we also incorporated Drone footage which added a more engaging dimension to the final film.


Filmed with a variety of cameras… our Sony FS5 and Sony A6500 on Crane Gimbal Mount with Zeiss Lenses and  Drone footage with DJI Inspire 2 with DJI Lenses.

All post production work was completed in-house in FCPX including titles and soundtrack.

La Colonne Du Temps

La Colonne du Temps is the name attributed to the latest design from renowned watch and clock designer, Jorg Hysek. Built by Sinclair Harding, creators of some of the world’s finest clocks, this ‘architectural style’ digital timepiece was launched in March at Baselworld 2018, the international watch and jewellery industry’s flagship show.


La Colonne is composed of 4 independent cylinders, each one brought to life by its own particular rhythm that is dependent on its gradient. Hours and minutes are displayed by distinct segments while seconds are shown to pass with the central rotating cylinder.
Clayton Creative was asked to produce both stills and film footage demonstrating the movement of the clock but also showcasing both its unprecedented mechanical complexity and streamlined simplicity associated with the digital age.


Filmed with our Sony FS5 with Zeiss Lenses.  All post production work was completed in-house in FCPX including titles and soundtrack.

Advanced Defence Technologies

The Zyklone is a long range acoustic hailing system from UK based company DJ Byers Defence Solutions which provides advanced engineered defence technologies to both International and Homeland Defence markets. Typical applications for this product include Counter Terrorism, Border Defence, Maritime Security, Police Operations, Military Security, Fire Services and Disaster Support.

The aim of the film was to demonstrate the operation and key features of the Zyklone and we created a studio environment on location at the client’s offices, using a Sony FS5 with Zeiss Lenses. Each scene was individually lit using low key lighting in keeping with the brand. All post production work was completed in-house in FCPX including titles, soundtrack and complex edits adding screens.

Automotive Engineering

The VTL Group is a global automotive engineering company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of high specification precision components and sub-assemblies for automotive powertrain applications. This film was made over 10 days to showcase the Group’s broad range of capabilities to potential and existing customers.


Shot in 4K with both Sony FS5 and Go Pro cameras mounted inside many of the machines to enable us to get some truly unique images, combined with 3D animations of some of the components and all brought together in final edit in-house.

Theatre Season Preview

A Season Preview for the Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield. Filmed backstage during the evening ‘Season Preview’ performance, capturing interviews with writers, actors, musicians and performers as they came off stage. This was then linked together with soundbites  with the Artistic Director together with short trailers of each performance.


Filmed in 4K with Panasonic GH4 with Rode shotgun microphone and all brought together in Final Cut ProX edit in-house.

Mine Headgear Replacement

Replacing an ageing 2700 tonne, 50 metre high tower is not for the faint-hearted. Our client was given the task to do just exactly that at Cleveland Potash’s Boulby Mine in North Yorkshire. Using a highly specialised fast-build procedure, involving jacking and then sliding out the old structure on stainless steel slide paths, the tower was moved initially 25 metres south and then a further 50 metres east away from the shaft, where it was successfully demolished. The new headgear was then moved into position.


Thankfully our job was a little easier – to film the entire project over a 10 day period which we completed using Canon 5D MKII and GoPro cameras capturing some great time lapse sequences along the way, culminating in the spectacular demolition of the old tower.

Scale Lane Bridge, Hull

The multi-award winning Scale Lane Bridge in Hull is believed to be the world’s first swing bridge which allows the public to have the unique experience of riding on the bridge while it opens and closes to river traffic. The bridge was designed, fabricated, installed and commissioned by Qualter Hall, based on an original concept by architects McDowell + Benedetti with Alan Baxter as structural engineers.

Clayton Creative was commissioned to produce a film to demonstrate the unique engineering, structural and design features to potential customers.


Filmed with Canon 5D MKII and edited in Final Cut ProX.

Sport / Series of 42 Short Films

Clayton Creative was commissioned by ProSport Physiotherapy to produce a series of 42 short films for an online recovery programme specifically designed to help high performance runners return to full fitness following injury.


Filmed with Panasonic GH4 with Sennheisser/Rode wireless  lavalier microphone system and edited in Final Cut ProX.

Intro Sequence to Technical Presentation

Consulting Engineers, KGAL, specialists in Moving Structures, Water Control and Hydropower asked us to produce a short, intro sequence to give context to a detailed, technical presentation to a client.


Filmed with Panasonic GH4 and edited in Final Cut ProX.