Clayton Creative Gets Lost In Translation!

Clayton Creative, has seen a dramatic rise in the demand for multi lingual marketing materials, both on and off line.

The demand comes from three of our long standing clients in particular, all of whom operate within the manufacturing sector, which helps give credence to the recent government announcement that UK manufacturing export order books are at an all time high.

Just this month, we produced an Arabic version of a prestigious brochure and other materials for a client providing advanced engineered defence technologies to both International and Homeland Defence markets. The original english language brochure was designed, photographed and produced by the team at Clayton Creative. However, our client has since forged strong links with the Middle East, through collaboration with the MOD and British Army, resulting in the requirement for the Arabic version. As Arabic is read from right to left this meant altering all the existing brochure artwork, not only in terms of the way the brochure opened and the way in which the text was set, but also the orientation of the images. We also invested in specialist software to enable our Mac operating system to work with the Arabic font.

Also this month we were asked to produce French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese and Russian versions of the website and 70 page brochure of a leading designer and manufacturer within the Food Packaging Industry. A further client operating within the heavy engineering sector has asked for materials to be produced in Turkish specifically for their Mining division.

Says Claire Clayton, Director of Clayton Creative: “We are certainly no stranger to producing both on and offline materials in a variety of languages, but it’s definitely the exception rather than the rule and the demand from a variety of manufacturing clients in such a short space of time has been unprecedented. Certainly those of our clients who are operating within the manufacturing sector appear to be thriving both at home and on a global scale which is great news for British Engineering.”