Clayton Creative ‘tackle’ French and Russian Languages


Clayton Creative produce multilingual technical brochures in French and Russian.

While France and Russia were the talk of the 2018 World Cup, it was French and Russian that were literally the talk of the Clayton Creative studio this Summer. And the reason … longterm client, and 2018 Queen’s Award Winner for International Trade, Proseal UK, had asked us to produce French and Russian versions of their 70 page company brochure.

 As a leading designer and manufacturer of tray sealing machinery for the Food Packaging industry, Proseal’s company brochure is packed full of technical information. In fact, it’s packed full, full stop! Despite the fact that our wonderful english language is rich in vocabulary, compared to our Gallic neighbours with their famously poetic prose, it’s really quite concise. So fitting the translation into the existing brochure layout, without it appearing too cramped and retaining its typesetting integrity certainly kept us off the streets and out of mischief for quite some time. 


And then came the Russian! With a plethora of some very, very long words, which had to fit into tables, columns and tight spaces, it really took the typesetting challenge to a whole new level!


But, in a strange, geeky kind of way, we thoroughly enjoyed the project and are very much looking forward to getting immersed in more multi-lingual challenges, scheduled for later this year.