Clayton Creative produce a series of five videos for Surepulse Medical

Clayton Creative Video Production is delighted to showcase one of a series of five films we have recently produced for Surepulse Medical Ltd which has developed an innovative technology for monitoring heart rate in newborn babies.

The SurePulse VS device has the potential to become the new standard of care globally for newborn babies requiring resuscitation. It allows the delivery team to see, wirelessly, an accurate and reliable heart rate in real time. This is in contrast to current alternatives where heart rate monitoring in the all-important first few minutes of a baby’s life is intermittent, and the stethoscope, electrocardiogram and wrist-mounted pulse oximeter all have limitations.

Four of the five films will be used as part of a training programme, specifically to train clinical staff, primarily doctors and nurses, how to use this ground breaking technology. The film shown here is a general product overview.

Says Claire Clayton: “Working with SurePulse Medical has been a truly enlightening experience and it’s extremely exciting to be working with a company which is operating at the cutting edge of developments in potentially life saving technology. In terms of producing the films, we collaborated very closely with the Surepulse team with regard to the storyboarding and script and all put a lot of thought and consideration into the planning and logistics prior to the filming. As a result, the filming itself, which took place over two days, was a thoroughly enjoyable, stress free experience and definitely highlights the importance and value of pre-planning when it comes to video production.”