Busiest summer ever
for claytoncreative

Clayton Creative have just experienced their busiest Summer on record! Several weeks of back-to-back photography and pretty much round the clock design and artworking culminated in a 72 page catalogue, website, brochure, leaflets and html mailers.
The majority of the work was focused around two long-standing clients, one operating within the Defence Technologies sector, and the other, a leading global supplier of tray sealing solutions for the Food Packaging industry. Each client was heading off to crucial industry exhibitions in LA and London in September and required extensive and up to date marketing materials to have on hand. 
From shooting 8 metre long, fully reflective food packaging machines, requiring specialist lighting expertise to photographing soldiers operating latest technologies with the Defence sector, the scope of our photography undertaken during the Summer months was extremely diverse. We even managed to fit in day at the seaside, as the picturesque east coast of Yorkshire ‘just happened’ to provide the perfect backdrop for one of our photoshoots!
In both instances, the photography was then incorporated into a range of marketing materials, including a catalogue, brochures, flyers, exhibition banners and html mailers.